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  • user perspective
    gauss is very young right now. It can't do now many things, but I hope it will be enhaced to resolve lots of mathematical problems. As a first approach we could say about gauss that it *will* be able to handle any type of equation, solve it, and why not, plot it.

    Right now there's not graphical interface, so if you don't like console, you won't like today. But be pacient, gauss will be improved and will show a better face in a short-middle period of time. It will use Qt (and will be able to run under KDE for example).

    So if you want me to sum up, gauss at a first overview is *now* able to solve any type of numerical expression (without literals), and give user both 'symbolic' and 'numeric' results.
  • developer perspective
    There are some goals that gauss must be able to handle:
    1. Mathematical expression solver [done - must be improved]: Well, it won't understand '^' symbol, but if we get rid of this by using '3*3*3' instead of '3^3' gauss will be happy. I know that I've to improve this.
    2. Solution finder [not reached]: This is pretty important for the project. When this point will be reached, gauss will have some applications and it could be used for educational purposes.
    3. Function plotter [not reached]: This could be useful. Right now I don't think I need gnuplot help. I'd like to build a plotter from scratch, using Qt libraries.
    4. Graphical interface [not reached]: This is better for user eyes. I'd like gauss to be a graphical interface, and I'd develop it under Qt. I'd choose Qt 4, of course.
    Note: Points 3 and 4 can be changed. It depends on how many people will start to use gauss when point 2 got reached and maybe it is more important building a Graphical interface than writing a function plotter.
  • what is NOT gauss
    gauss is not a math programming language. Is not an octave-like program. I'd say that it will be a maxima-like program, but C++ coded.

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